History, design and passion. The most emblematic creations that already belong to the heritage of UNOde50. Discover all our icons.

Nº 1 | HEART

The heart speaks about relationships, experiences and emotions. Symbolizes love, sometimes happy, with warm and organic shapes, and sometimes not so much. This hard part of relationships, with edges, is symbolized by the nail.

Nº 2 | NAIL

José Azulay expresses, from the interpretation of his emotions, the most romantic meaning of the nail. The sharp face of life, represented through the nail, and sometimes combined with the heart, both form a whole that represents a creative allegory of relationship

Nº 3 | KEY

"Ideas arise spontaneously and then take shape, take on a body and, in my case, adapt to the body" - José Azulay, brand's Creative Director, talking about the iconic design 'YA VES'


The padlock is our logo. Not only does it represent UNOde50’s approach, but it also represents protection for our jewelry, each piece of which is one-of-a-kind. It guards each of our tiny treasures.


A symbol that speaks of us. It represents free spirits, curiosity, an urge to break free from shackles and insecurities. The dragonfly invites us to fly fearlessly, unburdened and with an open mind.


For José Azulay, UNOde50’s Creative Director, the sewing needle and button symbolize forgiveness and it’s understood as a way of healing wounds. Besides its Spanish DNA, one of UNOde50’s hallmarks is that every piece is handcrafted.