Rett awareness bracelet


This bracelet shows our solidarity in supporting Rett syndrome research, a congenital disease that affects girls between the ages of one and four. It features a silver-plated badge with tiny hands opening up in the form of angel wings as a symbol of hope, and the other side contains the name "Rett" with an inverted "R" to remind us that it is a rare disease.

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  • Perimeter Min: 12.56 cm
  • Perimeter Max: 20.40 cm
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How can i care for my items?

How can I care for my items?

To keep your items like new, we recommend you store them in a plastic bag and either in their original packaging or in a box. Keep them away from contact with air and with direct light, both of which are likely to have an adverse effect.

All our pieces are composed of metal alloy. They undergo hypoallergenic treatment, pass through various quality controls and are plated with 15 microns of 925 sterling silver. Please note that 925 sterling silver may react by turning darker for various reasons:

  • From exposure to oxygen and to light.
  • From different skin pH types.
  • From lack of use.

How do I clean them?
We can give you a few tips for cleaning your items, depending on what they are made from:

  • Silver plating: Clean with a soft cloth or using a non-abrasive silver cleaner.
  • Leather: Use saddle soap or a moisturising cream, preferably perfume and colorant free.
  • Resins: Use a soft cloth to really make them shine.
  • Crystals and glass: Use a soft damp cloth.

To prevent damage, it is better not to expose items made from metal, leather, fabric and other materials to water.